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Patient Plan Direct is the fastest growing dental plan provider and offers a unique and refreshingly 21st century approach to dental plans; reducing your administration, reducing your costs and giving your practice more control.

More and more dental practices across the UK are starting to realise the benefits of choosing Patient Plan Direct as the right partner to administer their dental plan. Whether you are creating a plan for the first time or transferring an existing plan from another provider there are 10 great reasons to choose Patient Plan Direct which make us stand out....

  1. The most cost effective provider available - Meaning your practice retains more of its plan income.
  2. First-class support - Focused on ensuring you get the most out of your plan, delivered by our highly experienced team.
  3. 21st century web based solution - Making patient sign up and management efficient and environmentally friendly.
  4. Transparent fee structure - No sliding scales and no hidden costs. Plus we’ve never increased our administration fee since our inception and have no intentions of doing so in the foreseeable future.
  5. Total plan flexibility - We can help and guide you to create the right plan for your practice but we never dictate or restrict your decisions.
  6. Full practice branding for your plan - Your practice’s branding not ours, helping you build your brand and strengthen patient relationships
  7. Tailored practice staff training - Promote your plan with confidence thanks to support and guidance from our experienced and friendly team of experts.
  8. Marketing and Business support - To help with patient recruitment and practice growth
  9. Full audit and patient history and forecasting  - Available online in real time, providing comprehensive visibility.
  10. Worldwide A&E insurance included as standard - Underwritten by Hiscox insurance, one of the UK’s leading insurers.

To arrange an exploratory meeting at your convenience under no obligation with one of our friendly and experience Business Development Managers simply call 0844 848 6888 or use our call back request form to the right.

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Our News

Your ever increasing Dental plan provider fees

Q. Would you like to reduce the cost of running your practices’ dental plans?
Q. Do you question the value of the fees your existing plan provider charges; Denplan, Practice Plan, DPAS, CODE, IndepenDent or another provider?
Q. Are you tired of admin fee increases applied by your exiting plan provider?
Q. Are you unsure of the exact fees you pay to your existing plan provider and would like help in completing a cost-benefit analysis? 

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of above questions Patient Plan Direct would like to meet with you to explain and explore how they can help your practice achieve a successful plan provider transfer and save thousands in costs year on year thanks to a £1 per patient per month admin fee which includes: practice-branded solution, Worldwide Dental A&E cover, support from a dedicated client services team and business development manager, as well as plan promotional material and much more. 

To contact Patient Plan Direct and book an exploratory meeting Call: 0844 848 6888 or Email:

No matter how many plan patients you currently have, Patient Plan Direct can help you make big cost savings. 

Your practice could achieve the same benefits and results as the following sample of practices that have already transferred their dental plan administration to a practice-branded solution with Patient Plan Direct… 

BV Owen Dental Practice, North Wales

  • Almost 1,000 Care plan patients.
  • Previously paid their plan provider nearly £2.50 per patient per month. 
  • High patient retention when transferring. 
  • Now saving over £15,000 per annum in plan admin fees. 

“These cost savings have helped towards a practice refurbishment we had been keen to undertake for sometime. Patient Plan Direct deal with things quickly and proficiently and our plans run like clock work”

Read the full story HERE 

High Street Dental Practice, West Sussex
  • Previously paying fees for access to services they did not require. 
  • Needed a provider that was flexible and low cost. 
  • Transferred to Patient Plan Direct with a high retention rate. 
  • Now saving thousands in costs. 

“We found the transfer to be hassle free.  As proved by the loss of members in the transfer being less than 1%.  We have gained approximately 18% more members over the last 6 months. And it continues to grow”

Read the full story HERE. 

Farleigh Dental - North East Surrey

  • Principal questioned the value of their previous plan provider shortly after purchasing practice 
  • Almost 1,500 plan patients. 
  • Needed an approach to running the practices’ dental plans that included simple and secure administration, low running costs, a quality A&E cover for patients and access to expertise to help with all things plan related as and when required.
  • Transferred to Patient Plan Direct and significantly reduced plan administration costs by around 50% which represented huge operational cost savings.

“Did I lose lots of patients as a result of the transfer? No, we lost a handful of plan patients – no more than we would normally expect as a result of an annual price increase mailing to plan patients. Am I glad we took on the move? Absolutely”

Read the full story HERE