How We Can Help Your Practice

Whether you’re looking to introduce and develop a patient payment plan for the first time or exploring alternative means of administering your existing plans for significantly less cost, we can help!

Our expert team, systems and approach – alongside our low-cost fee structure from only £1.00 per patient per month – our flexibility and our strong reputation for offering fantastic customer support is the reason we’re trusted by hundreds of practices nationwide to run, support and develop their practice payment plans.

Click on the links below to discover how we can help with your specific objectives and have a look around the rest of our website for more information about our service. If you’d like to chat with us to find out more, or book an exploratory meeting, don’t hesitate to call or email us

Launching a Dental Plan for the First Time

Discover how we can help you to identify the best strategy to enable your practice to launch, develop and retain a successful practice-branded patient payment plan.

Transferring from Another Plan Provider

Discover our refined plan-provider transfer process to enable your practice to significantly cut the cost of running your patient plans and save thousands of pounds year-on-year.

Converting from NHS to Private

Discover how you could turn over a new leaf and launch a patient payment plan as a vehicle to create less reliance on the NHS or move away from NHS dentistry for good.