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Patient Plan Direct and RP4 have joined forces to offer dental practices a quick, simple and sophisticated approach to Governance and Compliance with the CQC.

Now you can have instant expert advice 7 days a week from a dentist dedicated, experienced and professional team.

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Three simple steps to always being on the Right Path when it comes to governance and compliance:

Step 1

Your own baseline measurement (Mapped to the CQC inspection) of whether the CQC will assess you as compliant using the unique RP4 VIRTUAL CQC INSPECTOR.

Step 2

Your own SIMPLE GOOD GOVERNANCE system (You are required to have a system of Governance). RP4 provide a simple explanation of everything and link it to free verifiable training. All the policies, audits, and how to use them are supplied. We even include suggested meeting agendas to cover everything.

Step 3

RP4 POISONED CHALICE is your proof that you involve all the team and are continually improving. It helps encourage everyone to take responsibility and you keep the evidence as a downloadable PDF.

You also get...


If you don’t measure and monitor progress, how do you know you are moving forward?

The Regulators also know this and that’s why you need to demonstrate that you are continually improving. It’s also much more useful if everyone is involved and has an opportunity to suggest improvements and take responsibility. This is equally true for clinical as well as non-clinical areas.

The RP4 Library includes all the clinical audits that the CQC, the NHS and occasionally the GDC want to see as well as prompting clinicians to reflect upon their performance and describe how they wish to improve it. The GDC demands that we have INSIGHT into previous performance and that future improvements are EMBEDDED.

RP4 Library

You don’t go to a virtual library every day, but it’s nice to know you have immediate access 24/7 to continually updated information.


The Management section includes a whole range of documentation and templates to enable you to run your practice and satisfy CQC applications, interviews, Codes of Practice and inspections. RP4 even suggests how you can carry out access disability audits and help clinicians with their personal development planning.

Policy Section

The CQC don’t assess how many policies you have! Actually, they are much more interested in how you use the ones you have and whether all the team have understood why you have them. Our policy documents have been derived from a wide number of resources and brought right up to date.

Clinical Training

This growing section has something for everybody. We have included the FGDP(UK) dental standards and guidance documents (available through Open Standards Initiatives) along with SDCEP initiatives (kindly allowed by SDCEP) and many other short videos and technique guides, which we’re sure you will find useful. We have also included a suite of clinical audits and helpful notes as well as medical emergency videos and periodontal awareness videos etc.

An unbeatable system at an unbelievable price

RP4 is absolutely unique and you quite literally will not find anything like it at any price. You certainly won’t ever find anything like it for only £59.95 per month!

For all Patient Plan Direct clients this amazing value service gets even better thanks to a reduced monthly fee of only £36.

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