Transferring from Another Plan Provider

Q. Would you like to significantly reduce the cost of running your practice’s patient payment plans and save your practice thousands of pounds in costs year-on-year?

Q. Do you question the value of the fees your existing plan provider charges?

Q. If you could run your patient payment plans in the same way at less cost to your practice, and without impacting your patients care or benefits, would you do so?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, it’s time to contact us to explore how we can help your practice, simply and seamlessly, undertake a plan provider transfer.

CLICK HERE to see exactly how much your practice could save by transferring to Patient Plan Direct thanks to our low administration fee from only £1.00 per patient per month (including VAT and Worldwide Dental A&E cover).

Whatever type of payment plans you currently offer, we can help you to transfer to a practice-branded payment plan managed and supported by Patient Plan Direct:

  • Full Care / Capitation Plans
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Children's Plans
  • Hygiene Plans
  • Family Discount Plans
  • Annual & Monthly Payers

Our team of experts have helped practices of all sizes across the UK to successfully transfer their plan patients from other providers – such as Denplan, Practice Plan, DPAS, IndepenDent, CODEplan and other providers – saving thousands of pounds in the process.

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Our refined, trusted and simple provider transfer process includes:

Huge cost savings

Quite simply, our administration fees are significantly less than all of the major plan providers, often proving to be 2 to 3 times more cost effective, which adds up to thousands of pounds in savings to your practice.

Patient Communication Fulfilment

We’ll manage all of the mailing fulfilment to your patients and tailor the message to ensure that the change is presented in a positive light to them, as well as to the practice.

Ongoing Support From Experts

Our business development experts and client services team will provide first-class training, advice and support to ensure everything to do with your plan is optimised and runs smoothly.

Trusted Transfer Method

We’ll adopt and manage the optimum tried and tested transfer method that’s the best fit for your practice and your patients, supporting you and your team throughout the process to ensure a highly successful outcome.

Further Plan Growth

We’ll work with you to identify your future plan objectives and help you and your team to apply strategies to ensure further plan uptake from both new and existing patients.

Online Management Portal

Access to a real-time platform providing visibility, control and reporting of everything to do with your plan and payments, at the click of a button.

Discover how other practices have benefited from transferring their payment plans to a practice-branded solution, managed by Patient Plan Direct: